How to Save Money when Buying a TV & Gas

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Sam’s Club is a store with a very interesting policy, which says, that electronics – including TVs – can be returned at any time, with the receipt or your shopping card. The only exception is computers; they have to be returned within 6 months from the date of purchase. The return policy on all other items in electronics department is unlimited. What that means for a potential customer is a new TV every year.

A friend of mine bought a TV at Sam’s Club in 2015. It wasn’t any of the famous names, but he liked it. Still it was expensive, as he paid $2400 for a 50-inch plasma. In 2016 price of a similar model at this store went down to $1600 – and the TV had some new features. He brought his old TV back to the store to exchange it for a better and cheaper model. He got $800 back on his Discovery credit card.

2017 brought even more changes in electronics market, so he decided to exchange his plasma again. The TV had a blurry picture, too, so he actually had a pretty good reason to take it back. He got $200 back on his card, an amount of money you could use for a decent grocery shopping. The new plasma he brought back home was $1400. It had a perfect picture and some new features to play with.

It’s 2020 now, and he’s not sure if he’s going to exchange his TV this year. He still has time, pretty much unlimited to take it back.

When he returns it, he doesn’t buy a new one right away. The entire amount of money, that he had paid goes back on his Discovery credit card. He buys TV within the next few days. It doesn’t look like he’s exchanging one TV over and over again, because the receipt shows that he had bought it from his own funds.

Of course, it’s impossible to get a cheaper TV every single year. It’s probable that in 2021 or 2022 he’ll buy a more expensive one, that he will really enjoy. Important factor in this situation is that it will be new and he will still have unlimited time from the date of purchase to decide if he wants to keep it. At once, paradox of a store policy makes the customer happy. Only at Sam’s Club.

Ways to Save Money when Using Gas

Every day the price of gas seems to rise, thus making it a big concern for a family on a tight budget. The following are a few common tips to help you and your family save money on gas. By using a carpool system where everyone is going to the same place helps to cut down on the number of times you need to drive, especially if the drives are divided amongst the riders. If you have kids, develop a carpool system with other parents where you can trade days on driving the kids to school or other activities.

The use of public transportation is often times less expensive than using private transportation. Using public transportation to get to the office and back is a great way to relax after a hard day at work while saving money on gas at the same time.

Take the time to look around and check the gas prices of gas stations around the neighborhood. You can also check for gas prices for your area online so you do not need to physically look around for the best price. But, make sure to remember that every few cents you save per a gallon adds up over time. You may also want to look into special reward programs for using a specific gas station franchise as your primary choice for filling up your car.

What better way to save money on gas and improve your health than to walk or ride a bike to the places you need to go? It can also save time since you do not need to look for a parking spot. Also, there are no chances of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Keep up with your car’s maintenance. Proper car maintenance such as keeping the engine in good running order will help to cut down on the consumption of gas. Also when planning to run errands, try to make all the trips you need in one drive so that you can minimize the trips you need to make.

Having properly inflated tires with the right tire pressure is an easy way to ensure you are getting better gas efficiency. Also, refraining from fast acceleration will help increase your car’s gas efficiency resulting in less gas being used. As there exists many other ways to save, the above steps are common ways to save money on gas. Since gas is not a renewable energy resource, we must consider using it wisely and not taking advantage of its limited supply.

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