Earning Money Writing Internet Articles

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There are legitimate ways of earning money online, and writing internet articles is a popular way to achieve this. Being successful takes some knowledge however, and doing this is not get rick quick scheme to earn easy money. With some hard work and a little knowledge people can earn a full time income writing internet articles.

Successful Writers get Targeted Traffic

To be successful, writers want to draw targeted traffic to their articles. This means people reading the article found it because they were seeking specific information. So it is important to write about topics that people are actively searching for in moderate to large numbers. Popular categories can be things such as health, investing and personal finance, beauty, electronics and weight loss.

Write articles on these popular topics and then earn residual income from the advertising that is put on the articles. Avoid writing articles about topics that people are most likely not searching for such as “how to do the laundry quickly.” Articles like this do not have much of a chance of earning good money. People can find web sites to write articles for by performing an internet search for “article writing web sites.”

Use a Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is an extremely important part of writing internet articles. There are web sites that will tell someone how many people are searching for a particular keyword each month, and how much advertisers are paying for that keyword. Writers want to target keywords that have a reasonable number of searches (at least 1,200 searches each month), and also have high levels of advertiser competition.

By targeting keywords with good search volume (not too high though, if there is a keyword that has 1 million searches each month a writer has almost no chance of being found in search results, target keywords that have 50,000 searches maximum) and good traffic, writers can start to see the money come in. Writers can find keyword tools by performing an internet search for “keyword research tool.”

Backlinking is Extremely Important

Backlinking is a major part of how search engines determine an article’s rank and where it will show up in search engine results. Writers can promote their articles using article submission directories and social networking web sites. Backlinking this way will improve the internet articles’ rank as more sites are pointing back to it (which is very important in search engine optimization). Perform an internet search for “article submission directories” to find these sites. There is also back linking software writers can use that can be purchased and will increase the number of backlinks produced and the ease of building the links.

Targeted Traffic and Backlinking are the Keys

For writers looking to build a steady stream of income writing internet articles they will need to first write about popular topics that are drawing good search engine traffic. Next the author must take the time to do keyword research to maximize their advertising revenue, and finally backlink their articles for optimal placement in search engines.

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