Earning a Living as an Online Freelance Writer

Before embarking on a career as an online freelance writer, there a few things writers must understand.

Online versus Off-line Writing

The first thing writers have to realize is that writing online is much different than writing off-line. Aside from the formatting differences, freelance writers and journalists who write for newspapers and magazines command a larger per article paycheck than an online writer. One article for a magazine and earn a freelance writer upwards of $500, $600 or $700 for one article. An online writer rarely, if ever, earns is that much money up front for one article. They can, however, earn that much and more residually.

Writing Time, Quality and Quantity

To be successful as an online writer it takes time, quality and quantity. Initially, it will take several online articles to earn the same amount as a magazine writer would earn on one article. However, over time, with honing the craft and learning the tricks of the trade online writers can earn a comfortable living writing online.

There is much debate about the rate of pay for freelance writing. The good thing about writing online is that it is possible to ‘earn while you learn.’ It’s almost like getting paid to go to school. The bad thing about online writing is that some writers realize how easy it is to earn money online that they take shortcuts while providing little if any quality information in their articles (similar to unscrupulous tabloid magazines).

Breaking into Online Writing

Breaking into online writing is as simple as signing up to become a writer for a content site, creating a blog or a website. It doesn’t take much experience, knowledge or expertise to break into online writing. After setting up a blog/website or being accepted as a writer, the trick is getting traffic to the online content.

The best way to get traffic to online content is to write informative, quality articles that employ solid online writing skills. The online writing skills include, but are not limited to the writing format, search engine optimization (SEO) and inserting proper keywords.

How to Earn Money Online

There are basically two flavors of online writing, up front pay and residual earnings. The up front payment method is simple and easy to calculate. The writer gets paid a set rate per article. If a writer gets $20 for an article, she knows that she needs to write 5 of them in order to earn $100.

The residual writing payment method is not as easy to calculate. The amount earned depends on the subject matter, whether the articles payment is based on page views, ad clicks or a combination of both. Some residual articles do very well while some don’t.

Online Freelance Writing Sites

Below is a small list of a few sites that accept freelance writers. Signing up for some of the sites is as simple as creating a user name and password, while others require a writing sample and resume.

  • Textbroker – Up Front Pay
  • eCopyWriters – Up Front Pay
  • Demand Studios – Up Front/Residual
  • Orato – Residual
  • HubPages – Residual

Don’t let rejection get in the way. Writers who are serious about earning money as an online writer will take the constructive criticism to heart, improve their writing skills and become successful online writers. Making decent income as an online writer does not happen overnight, but anyone who sticks with it and learns the ins and outs of online writing can earn several thousand dollars a month. It’s up to you.

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